Visual Pinball

Visual Pinball 9.0.3

For pinball lovers everywhere


  • Large variety of pinball layouts to choose from
  • Fun sound effects
  • Good pinball physical movement during play


  • Some pinball layouts have different key commands than others

Very good

Visual Pinball is a simulation of the popular and colorful arcade game for Windows users.

The first thing most users will notice about Visual Pinball is the sheer amount of options available for your pinball game's style and theme. It's possible, of course, to search out the pinball game of your choosing to ensure you get a design or theme you prefer. With Visual Pinball though, you get a lot more options right from the outset, with the opportunity to add on more from the developer's website.

Gameplay with Visual Pinball is fun and fast-paced. Some of the pinball themes don't provide the crispest graphics, but many seem to be aiming for a more vintage feel, which makes a bit more sense. The physics of the pinball itself are good; users shouldn't see the ball hanging in mid-air or slowing down on a descent. Sound effects are what is expected from an arcade game - loud and often brilliantly flamboyant.

One frustration is that some of the pinball game layouts have different key commands than others. There are fortunately well-documented instruction files that come along with Visual Pinball, but some users might find it tedious to have to sift through them to find what they need to continue enjoying the game.

Visual Pinball lets users relive the fun of their time at the arcade, all from the comfort of their Windows PC.

Visual Pinball


Visual Pinball 9.0.3

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